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Pre-Wedding Preparation

It is such a privilege to spend this time with you, so here are a few words from me about this very important start to your wedding day.


Whether you get ready at home or at your hotel, on your own, together with your partner, with a chosen few closest friends or family or even with a houseful of bridespeople, groomspeople, friends, children, parents, aunties, hairdresser, make-up artist, dogs, is an excitable, fun and occasionally chaotic (in a good way) time which I absolutely love.


I usually aim to arrive around 2 hours before your ceremony time which I know sounds like just aaaages! But trust me, not only does that preparation time fly like no other hours of your life, but I'm there to settle in with you whilst you are being photographed.


I keep my photography as unobtrusive as I can, and don't interfere with what you are doing. You're not posing at mirrors for me, as that would be a real pain in the bum. But I'll hopefully make sure that by the time you leave for your ceremony, the last thing worrying you is having your photograph taken.

A few tips from a photographic point of view may help you get the most from your preparation time:


1. Think about what you are wearing. If you are happy to be photographed in your grundies, onesie, pants, PJ's or big fluffy slippers then that's fab. Just be comfortable but also aware that there'll be pics of you in whatever you're in.


2. If you can choose a room with the best natural light and hopefully plenty of space for any make-up and hair, it does make life a lot easier and you will get much better photographs than if you're tucked away in the darkest corner of your spare room surrounded by plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

3. I'll always aim to arrive at the ceremony a good half an hour before the ceremony time to catch up with whichever partner is there first ( if they have been getting ready elsewhere) and for a catch up with the celebrant/vicar/co-ordinator/registrars/people arriving etc. If you are both getting ready in the same building or nearby, I'll nip between you of course.


4. Dresses -  remember to leave plenty of time for getting dressed! I know it seems like a daft thing to say, but seriously - and especially if it laces up at the back - you should allow a good 40 minutes and definitely get a crochet hook if there are any teeny buttons. Suits - maybe if you are wearing a tie, have a wee practice on your Windsor* knot (*other knots are available) ahead of the day. And definitely ensure all wedding party members try on their outfits well in advance as wedding sizing is generally smaller than your usual. Gents, I'm mostly talking to you here - the number of Best Men bustin' buttons because they didn't turn up to fittings...

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