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Frequently asked questions answered by me...

Can I meet you before I decide whether to book?

Of course you can! In fact, I positively encourage it. The relationship between you and your photographer is important and it's the best way for you to make up your mind when searching for a wedding photographer. If you live quite a way away, it can be trickier but often a half way location (pub!) can be useful or we could always just video call or chat on the 'phone


How do we go about booking you?

There is a booking fee of £200 on all photography packages which secures your date. The balance payment for your chosen package is then payable 28 days prior to your wedding date.

Payment can be made by bank transfer - details for which I will give you on booking. Credit card payments are available on request but there is a small surcharge.


Please do note that I cannot 'hold' a date for you, especially for busy times of the weddings season. Booking is confirmed only by payment of deposit.


On booking I then send out a confirmation letter outlining your deposit payment received and your chosen photography package. Also included is a wedding contract with a copy for you to keep and a booking form for contact details, times, dates, location of venue etc.

















There is usually the small addition to this list of group of best friends or Godparents etc - and that is a list we shall produce together in advance.


I would encourage a limit of no more than 6-8 family group arrangements just so that we don't all end up spending hours lining up and gurning at my camera when you should be relaxing with your guests whilst I capture away.

Wedding party

Of course I will take photographs of your favourite wedding gang people,  I keep these quite naturalistic and are led by you lovely lot. If you want to jump up and down or pull faces, brilliant - I'll be there for that! But equally it you prefer to keep it low key, then that's my go to approach for pretty much everything :)



And finally, I shall whisk the two of you away for a wander where we can take your portraits. This is a time for you two to chat, take a breath and relax together whilst I give small, simple direction and photograph you together without you feeling awkward or silly, keeping it as natural and relaxed as possible. We don't have to do this, or any organised shots if you prefer not to but these are things we shall discuss before the day itself.

What if you fall ill or are unable to photograph on the day?!

It has never happened to me, but of course as for all self employed individuals I cannot 100% guarantee I won't fall seriously ill. I do however belong to a strong network of UK wide wedding photographers and in case of (extreme) emergency I would put a call out to ensure that you are not without a photographer on your wedding day. With any advance notice, I would send you options for you to choose a new photographer and re-fund your balance if paid by that date to pass over the booking to them. Or, if circumstances meant there was no time for this, then I would do my best to ensure that a suitable photographer would cover your day and return all files to me for editing.


I'm afraid this is the same situation for all wedding photographers and wedding suppliers who work alone, which is why we do try our best to have each others' backs should something happen :)


Do you edit my photographs?

Yes I do - it's not extreme, but gives your photographs my signature 'look'. Every one of your images is checked and edited as required, and any delicate work such as removal of (perish the thought) inconvenient skin blemishes!


How many photographs will we receive?

It's impossible to give an exact figure as I never 'count' or limit my shots. Around 500-600 images is pretty usual for a full wedding day.


I supply your high resolution photographs which are large files on USB ready for you to print.


Your USB is presented boxed and labelled for you.

Your photographs will also  be uploaded to an on-line gallery, with password protection, for you to share with family and friends. Photographs can be downloaded direct from this gallery by you or your guests, and there are print product ordering facilities from the gallery too.


How many times will we meet before my wedding?

After our initial meeting, it will certainly be at least once more in the weeks before your date. I'm always available to meet, call or email with any questions or ideas you may have.


How long do I have to wait for my photographs?

I aim to have your online gallery ready to view around 8 weeks after your wedding. In fact, to help with the wait, I will (where possible) produce a online blog showing select highlights of your day within 2 days of your ceremony. I find this is when your friends and family are clamouring to see some images, and it holds them off until I'm all finished ;-)


Once you have viewed your online password-protected gallery, I will arrange delivery of your memory stick of print-ready digital files.


What about my storybook or album?

Albums and books take a little longer to produce, and normally my couples give me a list of favourite photographs chosen either from their online gallery or their disk for me to put in their album. Once the layout is designed, I will send you an online proof to look at before ordering. Once ordered, your album takes a further 2-3 weeks to make and I would then arrange delivery to you.


Anything else I need to know?

Call, email me, come and chat to me. I'm very open about myself, what I do and how it all works so you can ask me anything. I am happy to listen to any ideas you may have about your day. Wedding photography is not a one-size-fits-all business and your wedding will be different from any other because it's YOURS, and your photography will reflect that too .


Have a look at my wedding photography prices page


Read my advice too on your ceremony and on getting ready



Group Photography

Do I have to pose for hours to get the 'perfect shot'?

No you don't! It depends too on how much, if any, group photography you want. Some couples want no group photography at all and prefer the whole day to be photographed candidly, creatively  and unobtrusively.


We will go through specific requests at our pre-wedding meeting but a selection of group shots would often include a big group shot if possible and your closest family or friends such as parents, siblings, grandparents. In any case, we'll sort this out together

at our pre-wedding catch-up.

Wedding party such as bridesmaids/people and groomsmen/people will also be included of course!



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